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Silent Sunday


Hello little unloved blog

Little blog, I must apologise for the fact that you probably feel unloved and forgotten. I am busy at the moment, dealing with general life stuff and growing a new little life inside me. It’s been tough, lots of pains and stresses along the way so far, but all is doing ok at the moment.

I will be back, on a more regular basis, but for the time being, please forgive me! I’m pre occupied!


Rubbish birthday

So, Saturday was my special day. It only comes once a year, and since having beanzy, I have a new found enjoyment of my special day. Yey – my birthday!!! Last year we had fun celebrating with a four month old, so this time, I was thinking it would be so much better!

This year however, “Yey – my birthday” was short lived. Woke up, after a lovely lazy lay in, by toddler clocks anyhow! Had a good breakfast as a family – a super tasty one, including lovely coffee and very fresh croissants cooked that morning in the local bakery (well, sainsburys local anyhow). All good stuff. Got some nice presents from beanzy, the dog and MrN, and was basically looking forward to heading out for a lovely day trip.

Rewind 18 hours, when we were at the dr for beanzy, who has repeated issues with his airways, chest and wheezing. Has had since he was a tiny one. Took him in as the day before I was called by our childminder to say he was off colour, coughing, hot, grizzly etc etc. Picked him up and he perked up a bit, then went to bed as normal. Friday morning came, and he was ok until lunchtime, when he slowly went back downhill again, with his wheeze coming back on, and getting mores noticeable. Que a call to the dr to see if they could take a listen – bingo, they’re used to him, and we are there and seen within 20 mins. All the usual stuff happened, and out we went with a prescription for a steroid. Only one dose this time mind, as if things are no better or worse in the am, we need to head to A&E. I think they are extra cautious due to his past history these days.

So, back to my birthday morning. Beanzy was a bit wheezy, but we weren’t overly concerned as he was managing ok. He got grumpy, so off he went for a little morning nap before we got ready to head out for the birthday day trip! On waking up, poor little fella was in a state with his breathing, wheezing and recessions of his chest. MrN and I exchanged one of those glances, and went into operation “pack a bag” for the impending hospital trip. At this point, I’m a little gutted that we are having to do this on today of all days, but putting beanzy first, as any parent would, we are getting on with it anyway. I can always celebrate another day.

As usual, the paediatric A&E team were fabulous. With an airway issue, you are generally seen as soon as you arrive by the triage nurses. Given a bed straight away, beanzy was given a once over, reassured, given medicine etc etc. Four hours later, we were admitted onto the children’s ward upstairs, as things were not getting any better with the new medicines.

To cut a long story short, we were on and off for the rest of the day with meds every two hours. Ideally, they wanted him to go four hours between meds before they would consider sending him home, but this didn’t look like it was going to happen very quickly, so plans were made for MrN to head home and collect overnight things for us, plus see to the dog.

In the night, beanzy was on oxygen as his sats levels were low. This is more common when they are sleeping apparently. Poor poppet, it’s horrid to see them like this, although on this occasion, he was much better than the last time he was admitted back in May. By the morning he was making progress, and the nurses had got him to three hourly medicines – good news.

A hazy sleep deprived Sunday passed, trying to keep him happy, settled and occupied in a small space, when you need to be quiet etc due to other unwell children. Plus for me, my body was struggling to cope with the energy I needed as we are in the early stages of expecting baby number two. I managed a little snooze on the camp bed, but it was hardly a quality refreshing one! Poor MrN must have walked beanzy round the hospital corridors about 50 times throughout the day trying to keep him out of mischief. I know he was shattered too.

The good news was at seven pm, they decided we could go home as he was making it to 3hours and 45mins between meds and they could see no improvement on this was coming fast, and that he would be better off, as would we, at home. So ending a tough weekend in the hospital, we all headed home exhausted, and with strict instructions about 24 hour a day medicines every four hours for the next 14 days. Oh joy. For me, MrN and beanzy.

So tonight, I find myself desperate to go to sleep, here next to MrN (who is snoring) in bed, writing this, but watching the clock before I have to do the 10pm ones. My poor little fella hates it – even more so at night when you have to wake him for it. In all honesty, we aren’t enjoying it that much either. So roll on the next 14 days, every day will see him get a bit stronger and return to normal.

Being a parent is hard, and you have to be totally selfless. The thing is, to see him smiling and playing happily today, I know I’d have another tough weekend, and miss my birthday celebrations all over again, because he really is the apple of MrN and I’s eye!

And as for my birthday, well, as MrN reminded me today, only another 363 days to go before I get to celebrate again.

Top 5 Things I’d Change About My Wedding: from Kate Takes 5 listography

I’ve been trying to work out how I can take part in these listography blogs, which look quite interesting, and will give me some structure to my blogging, or at least whilst I find a routine with it.
I think the short answer here is that the linky thing I’m trying to make work, just won’t seem to work on the iPad, and it’s making me a bit frustrated. In fact, it’s not making me a bit frustrated, it’s totally annoying the hell out of me.

Anyway, I’m going to write the list, even if it never sees the light of day on anyone’s linky, because I’m writing it for me and it’s a listography that appeals to me as I only got married a very short while ago – march 2012.

1) top of my list of things I would have changed on my wedding day is my photographers. Not because they weren’t good at their job, but because we just didn’t manage to get the shots that I, in my head, so wanted. I’ve seen amazing pics of a colleagues wedding, and follow her photographer on Facebook, so regularly see the amazing work that Dottie and her team produce. I’m absolutely gutted that I didn’t just take a deep breath and reach far and deep into my pockets and shell out for her to photograph my wedding, as I’m sure I would have been totally in love with my album, rather than just like my album.

2) Beanzy’s health – my poor little man was 11 months on our wedding day, and he had a dreadful chest infection, so found the whole day really hard. It made it super difficult for me and MrN to carry on with all the usual wedding day stuff due to his need to be with mummy and daddy the whole time and lots of tears and tiredness. MrN, who was looking after him in the morning whilst I got ready, was almost late due to not being able to prise our son off him for him to get himself showered and dressed! Seems like he managed too in the end though, because he smelt of roses to me!

3) Two separate friends not being able to make it to the day due to illness was also sad, and I would really have very much like them to be there. If I could do it again, I would certainly make sure they were there to enjoy the day with us!

4) The way my dress fell – particularly in the outside pictures. Owing to the the amount of material in the skirt of the dress, the many layers just didn’t quite sit right in some of the pictures. I couldn’t tell you why it happened, as during fittings etc it was perfect, but on the day, perhaps the dress wasn’t quite sitting right, or my shape had changed a bit or something, and in some of the pictures, my dress looks too short at the front! Annoying.

5) Getting my period early – need I say more!! Very annoying, and totally spoilt the plan of wearing my new beautiful knickers on the day. So much so that my bridesmaids husband ended up heading out to M&S to purchase some larger knickers than I would have preferred to be wearing as I wandered down the aisle! Granny pants he has dubbed them – although, they were not your average granny pants. Big they may have been, but lacy and tasteful all the same!!

So, that’s my five really. We had an amazing day all the same, but yes, if I could repeat it, these are the things I would be keen to change.


I’ve been a bit lacksadaisy with blogging this past week. Not sure why, no big excuse really other than they fact that I am shattered, and have been laying on the sofa in the evenings instead of picking up my iPad, and putting finger to pad.

I will get back to blogging in due course, however if the mood isn’t taking me, I guess that it’s not so high on my probity list.

For the last few evenings, I have been enjoying other peoples blogs, and passing comment where I feel comment is appropriate. I quite like that, it’s interesting to read up on other peoples thoughts and rants. I enjoy it, it makes me feel normal when someone has a similar view as me on something, but can articulate it so very much better than I can.

This week I think I might like to have a go at doing some of this linky stuff. I’ve yet to venture into it yet, but it looks and sounds like a fun thing to be doing, and hopefully, it will make me think about stuff outside the usual boring stuff that goes around my brain.

Anyway, beanzy is about to arrive back from his childminders, so I am off to make myself a drink, because as soon as he arrives, there is no chance of making one!

Silent saturday


Today is a burger day!

So, the sun is out, it’s a beautiful warm – dare I say it, perhaps slightly too warm – day, so there is only one answer to the question of what’s for tea. Yep, along with most of the nation, we are opting for yummy burgers.

Now on the way home, MrN text me saying this was what he fancies, and could I nip into the shop and pick up some bits. No problem I though, nice and easy. Turns out that no, not quite so easy as I foolishly thought. This is all down to the fact that yes, most of the nation are indeed eating or have already eaten burgers for their dinner!

Waitrose was depleted of all burger related items – yes, no mince, ready made burgers (they probably did have the frozen *shudder* variety, I didn’t even bother looking!) or any such item on the shelves.

So not being put off, I tried the meat counter to see what lovelies they had on their plates. Score! Yes, result, I managed to get two nice big fat ready made steak burgers rolled in herbs and black peppercorns. (albeit at a significant premium!)

On to the bread aisle, and much of the same really. Everyone has nipped to waitrose for their lovely bread selection, because again, nothing there save for a few crumpets or brioche, both of which are entirely unsuitable for a burger to be popped into. Luck was clearly on my side today though, because I did in fact manage to find, amongst the breakfast goods, a stray pack of cheesy topped rolls. Not my first choice for a burger bun, but by far the best option I was going to get in waitrose at 6.40 on a lovely sunny evening. Still, saves me adding grated cheese on top of the burger I guess. Always a silver lining.

So add to the basket a pack of strawberries, and lush looking yellow raspberries along with MrNs newly disclosed childhood drink – dandelion and burdock – and I was on my merry way. Getting home was lovely, as watching out the window for me to arrive was beanzy and jess the dog – a lovely welcoming committee!

Fast forward the bedtime routine etc, and i am now firmly embedded on the sofa, blogging, whilst the smell of cooking burgers drifts in to scent the room with a yummy smell, which in the morning, will probably not be as appealing! So, I’m off now, to enjoy my burger and the company of the fabulous MrN now our little beanzy is in bed fast asleep.

Over and out.

MrsN x

Exciting news

Yesterday, I discovered some really exciting news that has made my day, month, possibly year (other than getting married of course MrN!)

It’s always hard when you want to be excited about something, but have to tread with trepidation, you know, just incase. Don’t want to count the chickens before they hatch and all that.

So now, I’m living with this exciting little secret, just hoping one day soon, I can share it with my nearest and dearest. Until that day, it’s just for me and you little blog. It’s our little secret, just you and me.

When was the last time you were excited about something, but didn’t want to bank on it, you know, just incase?

Silent Sunday


The pre bucket list!

Until this year, on honeymoon to be precise, I had never put pen to paper about my bucket list. Time on my hands spent with my new husband, but no beanzy, sitting in the bar in mauritius whilst the rain poured down around us, and the cocktails were flowing, bought us on to the topic of bucket lists, and what we wanted to put on ours.

Now I have already had some great adventures of my own, before I met MrN, and so it feels like I should talk about some of the things I have done before I come on to some of the things I would like to do.

Mackerel fishing off the coast of Cornwall in 2004 was an interesting trip – not only was I contending with sea sickness on the most choppy water ever (this might be an exaggeration!), but I was covered in fish blood and guts by the end of it. Looking back though, I loved it. I especially loved the devilled mackerel that we cooked later that evening on the BBQ.


Walking in the foothills of the atlas mountains in morocco was another cool thing to do. It was my first overseas trip on my own, which I decided to make in order to draw a close to a job which had come to an end after five years, and bought about significant change in my life. Only five days, but five incredible days walking in the warmth and blue skies of morocco.


White water rafting in Scotland was an amazing adventure. One I would certainly wish to repeat but on a slightly rougher river. No pictures of this one I’m afraid, no one left on dry land to hold the camera, and I certainly wasn’t taking it in with me!!

An action packed holiday up into the Arctic circle bought adventure every day. I loved my Finnish magic trip, again, a trip I took by myself in order to escape everyday life. Husky dog sledding, skidoo riding, building an igloo, proper sledging and seeing the northern lights were some of the high points, again, all things I would have had on my bucket list, should I have had written it by then!






Swimming in a fresh water waterfall in Spain was great fun – part of a girls weekend a few years ago. Wow, looking back, that was such an incredible weekend. One that if we did again, just wouldn’t be the same!!

I won’t circle me, but I’m pretty central to the picture.

I’ve started this, it’s a bit obsessive – I think I might have to write the actual bucket list in another post, as it looks like its going to be a super duper long one otherwise!

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