Thoughts from a new (ish) mummy and wife of MrN

Today is a burger day!

So, the sun is out, it’s a beautiful warm – dare I say it, perhaps slightly too warm – day, so there is only one answer to the question of what’s for tea. Yep, along with most of the nation, we are opting for yummy burgers.

Now on the way home, MrN text me saying this was what he fancies, and could I nip into the shop and pick up some bits. No problem I though, nice and easy. Turns out that no, not quite so easy as I foolishly thought. This is all down to the fact that yes, most of the nation are indeed eating or have already eaten burgers for their dinner!

Waitrose was depleted of all burger related items – yes, no mince, ready made burgers (they probably did have the frozen *shudder* variety, I didn’t even bother looking!) or any such item on the shelves.

So not being put off, I tried the meat counter to see what lovelies they had on their plates. Score! Yes, result, I managed to get two nice big fat ready made steak burgers rolled in herbs and black peppercorns. (albeit at a significant premium!)

On to the bread aisle, and much of the same really. Everyone has nipped to waitrose for their lovely bread selection, because again, nothing there save for a few crumpets or brioche, both of which are entirely unsuitable for a burger to be popped into. Luck was clearly on my side today though, because I did in fact manage to find, amongst the breakfast goods, a stray pack of cheesy topped rolls. Not my first choice for a burger bun, but by far the best option I was going to get in waitrose at 6.40 on a lovely sunny evening. Still, saves me adding grated cheese on top of the burger I guess. Always a silver lining.

So add to the basket a pack of strawberries, and lush looking yellow raspberries along with MrNs newly disclosed childhood drink – dandelion and burdock – and I was on my merry way. Getting home was lovely, as watching out the window for me to arrive was beanzy and jess the dog – a lovely welcoming committee!

Fast forward the bedtime routine etc, and i am now firmly embedded on the sofa, blogging, whilst the smell of cooking burgers drifts in to scent the room with a yummy smell, which in the morning, will probably not be as appealing! So, I’m off now, to enjoy my burger and the company of the fabulous MrN now our little beanzy is in bed fast asleep.

Over and out.

MrsN x


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