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Hello little unloved blog

Little blog, I must apologise for the fact that you probably feel unloved and forgotten. I am busy at the moment, dealing with general life stuff and growing a new little life inside me. It’s been tough, lots of pains and stresses along the way so far, but all is doing ok at the moment.

I will be back, on a more regular basis, but for the time being, please forgive me! I’m pre occupied!




I’ve been a bit lacksadaisy with blogging this past week. Not sure why, no big excuse really other than they fact that I am shattered, and have been laying on the sofa in the evenings instead of picking up my iPad, and putting finger to pad.

I will get back to blogging in due course, however if the mood isn’t taking me, I guess that it’s not so high on my probity list.

For the last few evenings, I have been enjoying other peoples blogs, and passing comment where I feel comment is appropriate. I quite like that, it’s interesting to read up on other peoples thoughts and rants. I enjoy it, it makes me feel normal when someone has a similar view as me on something, but can articulate it so very much better than I can.

This week I think I might like to have a go at doing some of this linky stuff. I’ve yet to venture into it yet, but it looks and sounds like a fun thing to be doing, and hopefully, it will make me think about stuff outside the usual boring stuff that goes around my brain.

Anyway, beanzy is about to arrive back from his childminders, so I am off to make myself a drink, because as soon as he arrives, there is no chance of making one!

The pre bucket list!

Until this year, on honeymoon to be precise, I had never put pen to paper about my bucket list. Time on my hands spent with my new husband, but no beanzy, sitting in the bar in mauritius whilst the rain poured down around us, and the cocktails were flowing, bought us on to the topic of bucket lists, and what we wanted to put on ours.

Now I have already had some great adventures of my own, before I met MrN, and so it feels like I should talk about some of the things I have done before I come on to some of the things I would like to do.

Mackerel fishing off the coast of Cornwall in 2004 was an interesting trip – not only was I contending with sea sickness on the most choppy water ever (this might be an exaggeration!), but I was covered in fish blood and guts by the end of it. Looking back though, I loved it. I especially loved the devilled mackerel that we cooked later that evening on the BBQ.


Walking in the foothills of the atlas mountains in morocco was another cool thing to do. It was my first overseas trip on my own, which I decided to make in order to draw a close to a job which had come to an end after five years, and bought about significant change in my life. Only five days, but five incredible days walking in the warmth and blue skies of morocco.


White water rafting in Scotland was an amazing adventure. One I would certainly wish to repeat but on a slightly rougher river. No pictures of this one I’m afraid, no one left on dry land to hold the camera, and I certainly wasn’t taking it in with me!!

An action packed holiday up into the Arctic circle bought adventure every day. I loved my Finnish magic trip, again, a trip I took by myself in order to escape everyday life. Husky dog sledding, skidoo riding, building an igloo, proper sledging and seeing the northern lights were some of the high points, again, all things I would have had on my bucket list, should I have had written it by then!






Swimming in a fresh water waterfall in Spain was great fun – part of a girls weekend a few years ago. Wow, looking back, that was such an incredible weekend. One that if we did again, just wouldn’t be the same!!

I won’t circle me, but I’m pretty central to the picture.

I’ve started this, it’s a bit obsessive – I think I might have to write the actual bucket list in another post, as it looks like its going to be a super duper long one otherwise!

Help needed!

Ok so I am new to this blogging lark, but I’ve seen all sorts of stuff about memes, linky and tagging people. How on earth does it all work!? How do you promote your blog to get it out there? How do I get involved??

I am a bit stuck really. I don’t want to put the link to my blog on my Facebook page, nor link it with my twitter, as twitter is something I use for work related activity. I’m certain that my followers wouldn’t be interested in this kind of thing, and I sure don’t want to share some of the things that I may discuss on my blog with my work colleagues – what if I have a bad day in the office and start to rant about them!? Not a good look is it really!?

I’ve been dabbling in reading other people’s blogs, and commenting where I feel it warrants a comment. I’ve enjoyed reading about motherventing and also SAHDANDPROUD. I am also looking at other blogs that I have found mostly from reading the above two, and seeing where they link out too etc. I already made a huge mistake in subscribing to one which was a little more explicit than I initially realised it would be – now I’m no prude, but I wasn’t prepared for some of the pictures that came up on my screen on an email alert one afternoon! MrN hasn’t stopped taking the pee out of me about it either!

Is there something I need to do, or a place I need to be in order to spark up some kind of interest!? I know it’s not meant to come easy, I totally appreciate that. I realise you need to be interesting for people to want to follow you yah de yah de yah. I get it that people have started from scratch and built an incredible following and have some interesting conversations with their readers. By I want that – I want that too!

So help me peeps. I never usually ask for help in normal life, but here I am, in blogging world, asking/shouting for some help. How on earth do I do all this stuff!? I feel like I have no mates, and no one likes to feel mate less do they!?

So much to talk about, so little time!

This past week has been a crazy one. Having started this blog, I’m really keen to keep writing it, you know, filling it up with all the exciting things that have been happening in my life, but well, life just seems to be running away with me at 100 miles an hour! Plus, it keeps raining, so I’m entertaining beanzy indoors as much as possible, whilst preventing boredom. He is desperate to get outside and get crawling about.

Yesterday we went to support our local schools summer (???) fete, which was mostly held indoors due to lack of summeryness. Shame. Anyway, beanzy saw his three friends who are about 2-4 months older than him, and they are all very confident on their feet, charging about all over the very wet field. After much frustration that he couldn’t join in, we decided to let him out of the push chair, and just let him get plain old wet and dirty whilst he crawled after them. Needless to say, he had a fab time, and the washing machine dealt with the muddy aftermath! Sometimes, it’s just more fun to get plain old grubby.

There are a few other things I wanted to talk about on the blog this week, one being my first box, and the second being the sales kick off I just spent two days attending in Cheltenham. Perhaps I will have more time later on, so will attempt to write about a least one of them then!

Happy Sunday.

Hello world!

Having read a number of blogs over the past few years I wanted to have a go at writing my own. It’s as much for the challenge of coming up with something to talk/write about that isn’t corporate blurb, which i do in the daytime, as it is giving myself the opportunity to track the adventures me, MrN and Beanzy, my 15 month old toddler venture on.

Few of my friends keep a blog, either because they don’t find writing enjoyable or they don’t have the inspiration to enable them too.¬†With no firm idea on the direction this blog will take, I’m keeping an open mind about subjects as much as regularity in posting. I want it to slot into our every day lives, and I’m hoping daily life will be the inspiration for my posts.

As a mother of a young boy, the past fifteen months has changed life dramatically. I don’t think I ever thought I would love something as much as I do Beanzy. Its been a tough adventure, with incredible, good, bad and truly horrific days along the way, but one I wouldn’t change. I know many first time, and second time+ mothers out there have also experienced these kind of days, and it’s those people who help me with my sanity on a bad day, and share in my joy on a good one. Without them, life would be less fun, and certainly less of a shared adventure!

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